31 August 2010


Gay Pride Celebrations - Left and Right
Street party in Copenhagen last week. Gay Pride rolled through town and the whole town - regardless of sexual orientation - came out to celebrate The Pride.
Cycle Chic Gentleman


Gay Pride Celebrations - Pink

Oswalds Isbar

And if anyone is interested, there is now an online repository for photos I take of things that are not people on bicycles. Zakkatography. Followable on Twitter, too. That's how damned modern I am. Wish you'd pop by for a visit.


A Good Moroccan said...

Very colourful event !

Amsterdamize said...

looks a bit docile, Mikael, imho, dryer circumstances, but docile. Of course that doesn't mean the gay community is less happy, just compare the AMS-CPH bike cultures, to each its own ;-p

Colville-Andersen said...

oh shut up. :-) i was on the fringe of one event. missed the massive parade through the city and the rest of it. this is what I saw but it was a massive day by all accounts.

but you're always welcome to pack links to your own blog inside vague comments. that's what friends are for. ;-)

Amsterdamize said...

ooeeee, touchy on a piece of your own cake :)
I've been sick the last four days, catching up, missed our banter, old chap :)


LAlpert said...

I was there Saturday night! It was a great time!