8 August 2010

Melbourne Bicycles

Denmark House
Here's some of the bicycles I spotted in Melbourne. Staring, of course, with the Christiania Bike two-wheeler cargo bike in the lobby of the Denmark House building.
Melbourne Mannequins 01
There were loads of shops with bicycles on display. Another sure sign that the bicycle is hot... again.
Melbourne White Bike
And loads of lovely bicycles on the streets.
Melbourne Bikes2
Many were used as adverts for nearby shops.
Melbourne Bikess

Some were just plain cool.
Melbourne Bike Display Hotel Olsen Kronans for Guests
The Olsen Hotel, where I stayed, had free Kronan bicycles for guests to use.


bertiebass said...

A great variety of bikes !

Anonymous said...

The third picture appears to be a "Ghost bike"

Kim said...

I see that the second picture even has the traditional prostrate Danish drunk, although I suspect the Danes would clam that it was in fact a Finnish tourist ;-)

William said...

"Some were just plain cool"... Photo #6. The Mixte cross frame is one of my favorite frame types, maybe because I own and ride one.

Otto Cilindri said...

The Third bike is a ghost bike? Only with White Tires on it, right?
And if it is only taped/tied to that signpost, I bet even in Copenhagen it wouldn't last long.

Adrienne Johnson said...

That is a ghost bike. The front wheel has been smashed. It is lovely, but it is terribly sad.