10 August 2010

Malmö / Lund Cycle Chic

It's about time, really. Olaf has just launched Malmö/Lund Cycle Chic and we're loving it. Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and it's a mere 30 minutes from Copenhagen by train. Lund is just a bit farther north. It is these two cities that cycle the most in Sweden, inspired by their close proximity to Copenhagen. Both rank high on Copenhagenize's Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities list. Malmö has about 30% trips by bike and Lund is at 43%.
I stopped in Lund the other day, on my way to a canoe trip on a Swedish river, and it was spectacular to see how many bicycles there were on the streets.
So... let's hear it for Malmö/Lund Cycle Chic. Welcome on board.


Anonymous said...

that's nice.

and what's even nicer is that the RSS feed for Malmo/Lund Cycle Chic also includes images

would it be too much to ask to also put the images in the RSS feed for this blog?


Klaus Mohn said...

Mikael took the images off the RSS because the feed was getting stolen and reposted other places. Maybe that stopped and a nw trial is in order?

Dang, Lund. Takes me back to Erasmus year.

Marcus said...

Wonderful. I have been blogging about cycling in Malmö and Lund for some time no and have always wondered why we didn't have a cycle chic blog from there. Lovely!