12 August 2010

Hula Hoop Fat Boy

Hula Hoop Transport
That hula hoop isn't going to get home by itself, now is it?

This shot last week reminded me of another shot of mine at the same intersection, taken three years ago:
A Copenhagener transporting his new Fat Boy bean bag home. By bicycle, of course.


dr2chase said...

I don't think he's transporting a chair, I think that is the latest bicycle safety device. In the event of a collision, fall on the comfy chair.

And soooo convenient.

david said...

Otherwise known as the impact bag. Lucky Copenhageners they have all the cool bike acessories

lagatta à montréal said...

At first I thought it was some kind of Danish irony about the very fit-looking bloke in the first photo.

natalia said...

A couple months ago during a heat wave in Toronto, I saw a guy bike home holding one of those plastic kiddie pools at arm's length with one hand. It was almost dragging on the pavement.