26 August 2010

Cycle Chic Global: St. Petersburg


Cycle Chic in Saint Petersburg, Russia from spitsbergen on Flickr.

Cycle Chic goodness from the Cycle Chic™ Flickr group.


eva.lu said...

there was a bit on NPR this morning about St Petersburg - how appropriate for this post! Will check out their flickr group :)

Gustar Mono said...

Hmm, wondering how the girl in first photo gets up to her bike, she can't swing it because of the basket, and the front too because of the top tube

kfg said...

Gustar: there are two ways. The first you simply lean the bike to the side which lowers the top tube enough that you can step over it. The second, used mostly by those who like to live life with a bit of a flourish, is to swing your legs over the handlebars rather than the seat.

lagatta à montréal said...

True, though as I could be their mum, I'd far prefer the second girl's bike.

Ole. said...

thank you for posting photos! greetings from St. Petersburg