13 August 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week 01

Copenhagen Fashion Week 01
Copenhagen Fashion Week is in full swing here in the city. Fabglamourous events and spectastic amounts of cheek kissing in every direction. The Danish Fashion Institute is the kraftverk behind this annual event.

I passed an event on my way home and while the paparazzi were busy photographing at the main entrance, I hung out and had a look around near the bike racks. I couldn't resist taking a shot of this girl in those fabulous heels who rolled up to park her bicycle.

Addendum: Just noticed the strange mix of adverts on the two vehicles in the background. One for JustEat - an online booking service for a variety of fast food restaurants and Fitness World - a fitness centre chain.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 02
She was lucky to find a spare patch of pavement, as this photo attests.

I did ride past the entrance and took a photo of this photographer's darling. Anyone know who it is?


Cynthia said...

Oh, lordy, those are gorgeous...

saskia said...

see, perfect cycling shoes... gorge

David said...

Gorgeous! way to start my day 7:20A.M. PST

Amy @ForDGRedial said...

Is that not one of the Gallagher brothers from the band Oasis?

Amy x

Anonymous said...

Definitely. British pop star.