4 July 2010

Tour de France for Cycle Chicsters


The Tour de France started yesterday and while it's a thrilling three weeks of sport, it's a fashion nightmare. We here at Cycle Chic thought we'd present with the favourites for the different coloured jerseys that are up for grabs. Firstly, the all-important Maillot Jaune / Yellow Jersey that the race leader gets to wear.
I See Yellow I Think Spring
Here are Cycle Chic's two favourites.

Mr Green
Then there is the Green Jersey, worn by the rider with the most points in sprints. It's a tough call between the flock from Mr Green here in Copenhagen...
Green and Blue
... or this Copenhagener looking all summery in her green dress.

The polka dot jersey is worn by The King of the Mountains and should, technically, be red with white dots. We're flexible.
Here are our two favourites for the polka dot jersey.

Copenhagen Glance
The white jersey is worn by the best youth rider. Youth is a relative term, of course. We've got our eyes on these two Citizen Cyclists for the white jersey this year.
White On, Girl

Red Nights
The rider who is in last place at any given time during the Tour de France is called the Lanterne Rouge - The Red Lantern. Not very thrilling in the French race, but here at Cycle Chic, where our slogan is Style Over Speed, the Red Lantern can be an honour.


Kelly said...


JC said...

nicely done!

my hyggelig said...

well played

Adrienne Johnson said...

Vive la Lanterne Rouge! I have a few members of that team that ride with me regularly : )

word verification- comas
cycle jerseys put us in comas and should come with warnings.

Kristin Tieche said...

Tour de Chic!

Well done!

Unknown said...

Hello. I'm French and I prefer "Cycle chic" to "Tour de France".
Most French people think that cycling is a sport. A few (like me) think that it is a mean of transport. Your blog proves everyday that people like me are right! Thank you!

Philip Smith said...

I love the way the girl in the green dress's toe is just touching the ground. She looks like a ballerina.

anna said...

Brilliant collection! And even educational :).

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