1 July 2010

Gentlemen Cyclists of Dublin

Dublin Cycle Chic - Gentlemen
Like I've said, what Dublin is doing to encourage Citizen Cyclists to ride is amazing. Dublin was once the third great cycling city in Europe, after Copenhagen and Amsterdam, back in the day.
Dublin Cycle Chic
As we can see here in this shot from 1961. By all accounts, Dublin is returning to the mainstream cycling fold.

Here's a series of Gentlemen Cyclists in Dublin. Suits abound, ladies.
Dublin Cycle Chic - Cool Cat

Dublin Cycle Chic - Suits You Sir

Dublin Cycle Chic - Stop and Not Dublin Cycle Chic - Suitable

Dublin Cycle Chic - Parking Moment Dublin Cycle Chic - Tie

Dublin Cycle Chic - Him and Her


Green Gal said...

Cool shots!

My bike burn my Fat said...

more cyclist in the street less pollution from the auto.

thanks for the recap.

Blanaid said...

Media coverage in Ireland still however treats cycling as a dangerous activity - see the National Broadcaster (RTE) coverage of the tragic death of a child on his bike (clip available until 7 july) - go to 31m50sec


while briefly accepting that use of a helmet would have played no role in mitigating the injuries, it is the use of a helmets that dominates the report

Anonymous said...

I love the shot from 1960! Thanks

sarah toa said...

Hello Michael and crew ...
Look, I really want to post one of your photos on my blog, to say that i just love CCC. Tried to contact via the normal channels but I don't want to set up outlook etc...
I want to persuade the people of my town that the slow bike movement is so much stylish and sensible than lycra or cars. Please help me! my blogspot is www.thawinedarksea.blogspot.com and if you venture into the tag cloud, look under 'pink malvern star' or 'repco contessa ladies bike' for proof of slow bike street cred. Thanks, Sarah.

Contact: said...

You make me want to take my cycle out of the garage and go to everywhere in it. Thanks for giving a new meaning to cycling!

Anonymous said...

I took some shots of Dublin cyclists some years ago during the Velo-City conference.

Some of them are in two posts in my old blog dealing respectively with the style of cycling and with segregated structures:



Of course, I found a pretext to post my favorite picture several times...