13 July 2010

The Bicycle Vase

Of course. Why not. Duh.

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Bicycle Vase. Cycle Chic in a ceramic nutshell. Really... what more is there to say? It's brilliant. A lovely ceramic vase attached to your rusty handlebars with elastic thingys. So simple. So lovely. Cycle Chic approves. Approves so much we have tears in our eyes.

From the website: "A view of the bicycle handlebars can offer more than cables and technical details. Why not shift down a gear and choose flowers over km/h?"

Someone get me a tissue, please. This is fantastic. Perfect for our other baby - The Slow Bicycle Movement, too.

The website for The Bicycle Vase is in German [and so very corny in a 1997 kind of way but it's kind of charming...] but we can reveal that the vase costs €14.90 plus postage, which depends on where you live, of course. The rest you can surely figure out with Google Translate.

Well... except that Google can't translate 'fahrradvase' but hey... that's just Bicycle Vase... :-)


André said...

It´s a lovely idea. A great present fr a girlfriend...I suppose :P

And here´s a better (and "official") version of the new Marit Larsen´s new video that I already talked about in another post.


I guess she just needs a vase in her bicycle to look even more perfect :) If only she was my girlfriend...haha

Cheers from Portugal

Frits B said...

Fitting. Wasn't it Volkswagen that offered a flower vase in the New Beetle and was much ridiculed for that? Anyway, watering should never be a problem.

Kim said...

How sweet...

Anonymous said...

I might just have to make one of those! I'll have to get rid of my silly odometer thingy to make room - this would be much better.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Lol & soo cute! If I owned a bike, I would definitely invest in a vase!


Joan marie said...

Yep, that is adorable. Very thoughfully placed alongside the ringer too. Cute indeed.

Wine, cheese and french bread in the panier? Ready for a lovely day!

Amber said...

I just linked this to my blog. Hope thats ok. I am definately going to try and get one of these cases. It just makes sense!