7 June 2010

Red Night

Red Nights
These new traffic lights in Copenhagen are wild when photographed digitally. So bright. Heading home in the evening, or heading out on the town. We'll never know where she is heading but we can hope it was fun.


Florence said...

Yes the lights seem to be very bright and the height of the nearest one I see is not much high - don't you feel any disturbance in the eyes sometimes? How do the drivers manage?

Ria said...

did this photo turn so reddish due to the bright lights? oh, it must be so difficult for night shooting then?

Classic Copenhagen said...

Not just bright on camera... blinding! If you look directly into it (and it is surprisingly hard not to), you go blind for the next minute. Crazy dangerous. Just sayin'.

Jenny said...

Very bright light indeed, but it's a cool photograph. I like the idea of biking at night to get around.

<3 Jenny

Dottie said...