12 June 2010


Odgaard Cycle Chic
Some of the gentleman cyclists of Copenhagen. Starting with my friend Mads, as we were riding away from a meeting at the Danish Fashion Institute in the rain.
Rise to the Occasion


Copenhagen Cruising


Pete K said...

It's funny that you should post some gentlemen riders today. I was showing the site to my girlfriend yesterday and she commented on the large number of pretty women on bicycles that you photograph compared to men.

Jiří Jaroš said...

Great. I have got exams time on university and many students in suits are riding bike for pass exam and it is beautiful.

Garry said...

Thanks Mikael for posting some gents, I've been hanging out for some "role models" as it is a definite Cycle Chic desert here in Australia

Anonymous said...

More photos of gents, please.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the amount of female 'chiclist' is disproportionate. More gents please!

Anonymous said...

Suited cyclists! I'm very inspired by your blog to say the least. Well done.