14 June 2010

Dublin Cycle Chic Winners!

A lovely day for a cycle : )
by Flickr user Lily-Heidi.

The Dublin Cycle Chic party is on Wednesday and, as promised, I've chosen five photographs from the Flickr group as winners of two tickets each.

I'll send a Flickr mail to the photographers. Congratulations! And thanks to everyone for participating. But don't put down the cameras just yet. We're announcing another competition on Wednesday evening.

In no particular order, here's all the photos.
Classic DublinBikes: Suit and briefcase
By Cian Ginty.

By Flickr user Markemcmullan.

Conors garden 041
By Hamley Foxx.

By Flickr user jspruitiii.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots!
They really deserve their tickets :)

Sam said...

Everyone's a winner.

Velouria said...

That's a great shot, where the girl is *reading a book* while sitting on the rear rack of a moving bicycle! Awesome : )

Unknown said...

You have been very quiet about your trip to Dublin. Anything to share? Was it so bad you'd prefer not to comment or are you so overwhelmed with our cycling city you just can't put it into words?