28 June 2010

Dublin Cycle Chic - The Movie

The Velo-City 2010 conference has ended and life returns to normal. I now have time to catch up on some important stuff. Here's a little film made by Dublin City Council about the Dublin Cycle Chic fashion show ten days ago in the Irish capital.

What a town. What a cycling town! Dublin was once one of the great cycling cities of the world. She's well on her way to returning. The bicycle is back and the fact that the City Council and National government supported our Cycle Chic event, along with the Royal Danish embassy is a fantastic, promising sign.

There was also a nice article in the Irish Times about the event.

At the event we launched another photo competition. Upload your best Cycle Chic photos to the Dublin Cycle Chic Flickr group and on July 31, 2010 we'll pick the best one and reward the Cycle Chicness with a Boston bicycle from iconic Danish bike brand Biomega.


l' homme au velo said...

A lot more People Cycling in Dublin and Ireland Generally. You can see it in the Evenings with People Socializing by Bike ,going to various Functions and staying out late with their Bikes. Once it was merely a Daytime thing and occasionally a Weekend Trip to the Seaside or Phoenix Park but now it goes on all the time. You are just as likely to see People Cycling around at 3.00am as 1.00pm in the Day with normal Clothes as opposed to Cycling Specific Gear.

We still have a Battle going on behind the scenes with Pro Car Lobby Politico's Snipeing away at any Cycling Infrastructure that is brought in unfortunately.

lagatta à montréal said...

Of course it rains in Dublin - it rains lots in Amsterdam too. And it gets a lot less snow and ice than Copenhagen! Never gets very cold, or torridly hot in Ireland.

Oh, this will bring back REAL "tweed rides"...