15 June 2010

DC Dandies and Quaintrelles

Here's a group in Washington, DC who have certainly understood what Cycle Chic is all about. I dare say they're taking it to their own, new level. The Dandies and Quaintrelles [tagline: Redemption Through Style] organised a Bike Ride & Lawn Party called The Seersucker Social last weekend.

Here's a Vimeo film about the event. Beats the hell out of Tweed Rides, in my opinion.

There are more splendid photos over at ReadySetDC

Needless to say... Cycle Chic approves.


Giulia said...

It always brings a smile to the face to see them riding through town.

Cheers from DC

Klaus Mohn said...

Egads! Lovely. If only we could get stable "seersucker weather" here in Paris, I'd try to look like that riding to the office every day.
On the topic, the ever insightful retrogrouches at Rivendell Bicycle Works have a nice post about bike clothing that you may like, titled "All you need is wool (plus a little seersucker, sucker)"
Dudes split the difference between cycle chic and American bike culture their own special way. Respect.

The villager: said...

Charming cycle fashion.

Anonymous said...

why do they call it "seersucker", anyway?

Anonymous said...

The Seersucker ride was their second organized fashion show/ride. The first was, in fact, a Tweed ride. Seersucker is Washington, DC's seasonally-appropriate tweed...

Anonymous said...

Ok that was pretty cool and it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. Summer greetings from Dublin. :-)

lagatta à montréal said...

Klaus, there is no shortage of chic, cycle or otherwise, in Paris, but seersucker is a tropical fabric that is rarely appropriate there. It was adopted by British colonials in torrid colonies and from there, among gentlemen in the US South.

It is certainly not common here in Montréal, even in hot summer months. There can be many such subtle differences in what is elegant and chic, depending on the climate, culture, architecture and history of cities and countries. For example, I couldn't buy some garments I bought in Rome here because the colours were wrong. There is a lot of burnt orange in Roman buildings, which I found oppressive at first but warmed to.

Washington DC is at the upper edge of the "Old South", chosen as a North-South compromise, but it was built on a swamp so in the summer months its climate is extremely hot and muggy.

What a lovely event!

Justin said...

And there's a video now!


rudi said...

There is another video here.

Passeio Completo said...


I just love your explanation.

Thank you.