4 May 2010

We Love Sacramento Cycle Chic!

There are loads of cycle chic blogs out there these days and some are closer to our hearts (you all know who you are!). Meet Sacramento Cycle Chic.

If you're in Sacramento, California this Saturday, May 8th 2010, then be sure to check out their fashion show. The two ladies in the photo are the ones putting on the gig, so you KNOW it can't go wrong! They understand Cycle Chic and combining it with vintage is brilliant.

Have a great party, Lorena, Ed and friends!

Sacramento Cycle Chic


juniperjames said...

Mikael - thank you so much for your vote of support! We LOVE your blog, and are thrilled to be putting on this event. Lorena (of Sac Cycle Chic) is an amazing cycling advocate here in Sacramento. We are lucky to have her. Here's to an amazing show!

Kari Shipman

sac cycle chic said...
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'Xander Labayen said...

Good luck on the show! i can't wait for the updates.

Cheers from Toronto!


sac cycle chic said...

Thanks Mikael! Sac Cycle Chic loves you too!

The show will make all Cycle Chics very proud!


eva//evoluer said...

i am so sad that i live to far to attend this event :( .

I will anxiously await pictures of the vintage cycle chicness!!

Christa said...

Go Sac! Great theme - I'm a vintage fan as well.

So nice to see a fashion show in Sacramento. Wish I could attend.

gih said...

Wow! these "fahionista" also riding with this cycle. They look gorgeous on that photo.

Tony Clifton said...

Why are they riding in the crosswalk?