14 May 2010

This and That Cycle Chic

Late Afternoon sun
The oh so bright light of springtime.

Bridging It
Crossing a bridge.

Flowing locks.

Two Finger Package Balancing
Two finger box balancing.


juillet said...

Great photos!

A Good Moroccan said...

Thank goodness for spring !

bicyclemamy said...

so it's may 14th and you guys are still wearing jackets?! i'm in south florida freezing just looking at these lovely pictures.

Colville-Andersen said...

it's an unseasonably cold May so far. Usually we get days up to 30 degrees, with all the barbequing, beach visiting that such weather invites.

just not yet this year.

Kiwehtin said...

Flowing locks is a nice one.

Unknown said...

Saw Mikael and his trusty Velobris last night on the Suzuki Diaries, a television show here in the states. Bravo!

gih said...

A perfect road for cycling to drive fast.

Anonymous said...

@gih: nice Haiku :)