27 May 2010

St Copenburg / St Petershagen

Sankt Peterburg - Cycling
The Dreams on Wheels exhibition in St. Petersburg was held in a cool old industrial building, home to Loft Project Etagi. A multi-floor, post-soviet building with a host of exhibitions. Super cool place.

The Royal Danish Consulate General, who brought the exhibition, and me, to the city also presented the city with 15 Copenhagen city bikes as a starter's pistol for a bike share programme. One of the bikes will be given to the Governor of the city and another is earmarked for the Russian president, Medvedev.
Sankt Peterburg - Ivana Sankt Peterburg - Smiling Sankt Peterburg - Smile
There were plans for a bike ride through the city with police escort, with just under a thousand people scheduled to show up but, in the best tradition of Russian bureaucracy, the City cancelled it at the last minute. The Russian president was in town. Which kind of trumps all other activities. The bike ride has now been rescheduled for this Sunday.

We still have a great time. I spoke about Danish bicycle culture and everyone tried out the bikes.
Sankt Peterburg - Portrait
Here's hoping for a cracking turnout on the ride this Sunday.

Sankt Peterburg - Anastasia Sankt Peterburg - City Bikes

Sankt Peterburg - Colville-Andersen2
I won't be there, unfortunately, but I certainly have great memories of the city from my visit.


märta said...

Looks like a lot of fun!


Pete K said...

Where do ya find all these attractive people to photograph?

Kim said...

Spot the UHO (Unidentified Hanging Objects)! Good to see the cyclist of St. Petersburg ignoring the contribution from the Dansk cyklist forbund ;p

Unknown said...

I am from St. Petersburg and did not hear about this event ... very sad

I was in Copenhagen in 2006 for several days and I was looking to pick up one of this nice city bikes near Nyhavn, but all of them were broken :(

nice site!