4 May 2010

May Day - Demonstration Cycle Chic

May 1st Red Bicycle
May Day - the first of May - is a popular day for demonstrations. There are all manner of festivities and traditions celebrating this International Workers Day and last Saturday there was a large demonstration that wove its way through the city streets. You can read more about May Day in Copenhagen over at this post on Copenhagenize.com, as well as see our massive armadas of cargo bikes. Here at Cycle Chic we'll focus on Demonstration Cycle Chic.
May 1st Red Brolley
There were thousands of people and easily thousands of bicycles. It was a festive event so most people walked their bikes along as they talked and drank beers.
May 1st Bicycle Smile
Nothing like a rainy day smile.
May 1st Christiania Bike Brolley Girl May 1st Parde

May 1st Cool People
What a groovy little cluster of Copenhageners.


yewenyi said...

wow, we should start doing that here on may day.

Criteriamour said...

Too chic!