30 May 2010

Cycle Chic Sunday

Navy & White
It's Sunday, late-morning in Copenhagen. It's cloudy and windy outside my windows. There's a thought, however, that appeals. In a few hours, the sun will rise over California. Far away across an ocean and a continent.

me & my bike
Later today, Eva - from Cycle Chic Sundays in Long Beach- will probably be walking out of her house to wherever her bicycle is parked. She'll pedal off to meet some friends. She'll hook up with them and they'll embark on something so simple and elegant.

A Cycle Chic bikeride.
Cycle Chic Sunday's
She'll round up her bike gang and enjoy the freedom of cycling calmly, stylishly and aesthetically around her town.
Cycle Chic Sunday's + LBC + Long Beach Bike Festival Cycle Chic Sundays + LBC +
Looking out my windows again, with raindrops starting to fall, I just realised where I'd rather be.


Bean said...

I am so proud to be riding in the special Santa Monica CCS ride today!

And one day get to raddle around Copenhagen...


Oldfool said...

Just looking at them and thinking of them is such sweet torture.
Even for an old fool.

eva said...

We wish you were there...Come to California and ride in the sunshine with us!

martha said...

beautiful pictures - beautiful blog!


hf said...

Each photo is great - how do you do this? Congrats! :)

Jiří Jaroš said...

I love Eva´s bicycle. It is one of my favourites. And Cycle Chic Sunday? Favourite blog too

Kristin Tieche said...

Nice imagery! I guess that's the effect that California girls have on ya!