26 May 2010

Cycle Chic - Now with Cheese!

An advert from Portugal - filmed in the Azores - featuring a classic cycling girl selling... um... cheese! Why not?

Thanks to André for the link.


André said...

Cheesy haha
Hope that with this, some persons over here, see that you can ride a bicycle in an ordinary way, elegant, and not sprinting to win a race in your "cycling clothes"


Tânia Carmo Silva said...

;) beautiful spot! And all those photos are an improvement for this blog because they've been taken in cosmopolitan cities or in a thypical urban neighborhood.
It brings nature, pleasure, beautiful landscapes although the priceless thing here is what can't be seen: the enchantable people.

VISIT AÇORES AND ALGARVE - not only for the sun, sand, sea and night but also its highland, people and experiences.

Tânia Carmo Silva said...
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Ricardo said...

Great post!! I've seen the ad on TV and it caught my attention right away. It's true the subject of the ad isn't very glamourous, specially because it's a pretty vulgar cheese.

But what matters is that this is a huge step of portuguese cities into the cycle chic world. I think its the first ever post about Portugal in your blog.

Ricardo from PT

my hyggelig said...

seems like the perfect combo to me! how lovely...

lagatta à montréal said...

Cycling girls and cheese, what's not to love?

Though I bought much better Portuguese cheese here today; a nice aged goat's cheese. From a little Portuguese shop, and like many Portuguese immigrants here, they were from the Açores.