16 May 2010


Copenhagen Corner
Classic Copenhagen. Swinging around a corner in red heels whilst adjusting her bag on her shoulder.


Beny said...

i think you should change the title with Cycle Drifting... ahahaha

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Ms Amanda said...

Poetry in motion.

Roni Faida said...

Amazing how you can capture such beauty without seeing someone's face. www.trilingualdiva.blogspot.com

Jiří Jaroš said...

I like that. Great photo and style.


Anonymous said...

that girl has such a good equilibrium.
amazing shot.
keep going.

El Correcaminos said...

Didnt't have to brake at the red light?

Anonymous said...

@ El Correcaminos

She has green light and are turning right. The red lights are for the traffic in the opposite direction.

André said...

So elegant!