18 May 2010

Cape Town

Capes are timeless.


pandoy said...

wow super cool cycle i love to ride


Mens Polo Shirts said...

you cant beat a bit of cape!

Anonymous said...

Meaghan Smith's music video of "Here Comes Your Man" is a nice example of cycle chic.


Jiří Jaroš said...
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Jiří Jaroš said...

Nice bike!!! I am gouing tu build one.

Beck said...

Yes, but can I get a stylish cape like this here in Australia for love or money? Apparently not. Grrr.

saskia said...

Beck I saw a very dapper "man cape" in the window of Oxford the other day I think !!??
I'm so on the hunt too - just the thing with my Funkis clogs. Where in Australia are you ?
I'm in Sydney, tell me if you find one !!