26 April 2010

Visca Lleida Cycle Chic

Lleida Bixi
Before the Barcelona escapades, there was the business end of the stick in the second largest city in Catalonia, Lleida. A bicycle conference where I was speaking. As well as a Cycle Chic party, bien sur, and a good-old fashioned bike ride. Where Soledad, above, took part in classic cycle chic style.
Lleida Locals
The chap on the left is a Dutchman who lives in Lleida with his wife and daughter and they know how to make it work. Brilliant.


A Good Moroccan said...

They look like a happy family enjoying the outdoors.

Kiwehtin said...

His bike looks MAMMOTH... or is it just the angle?

Eneko Astigarraga said...

A really pity the bike that Soledad wears! Awful bicycle for a good looking girl! Details are a must in the Chic-ism!

dodz said...

i like the bonding of your family. go out together with them is such great.