30 April 2010

Shoppy Bike - Italian Bicycle Style and Design

At Cycle Chic we're loving this a) advert and b) cool new Italian bicycle.

It's called Shoppy Bike, a revolutionary and exclusive unisex city bike that combines innovation, functionality and style. It's on the market shortly.

Manufactured in the heart of Tuscany by Officine Meccaniche Sereni, Shoppy Bike is a high-tech bicycle made entirely in aluminium and with toothed belt drive. With its sleek design and avant-guarde mechanism, Shoppy Bike is a comfortable and elegant means of transport, the perfect way to tackle the daily hectic city traffic in style and to enjoy slow-paced moments of relaxation.

Shoppy Bike offers a colour range that goes from classic red and black to the more trendy shades of lilac and green.

Concept: Michele Lazzaro/Design: Rudy Hoffmann.


Emily said...

OMG! It's so cool it's almost pretty! Or even beautyfull!

Bean said...

love this bicycle...
can't wait to see more about it!

eva said...

what a fun design and concept.
i love the quote on their website 'enjoy slow-paced moments of relax.'

p.s. @asao is a fellow 'cycle chic sunday's' rider!

William said...

Hulk* Angry! Hulk* Smash!
Rargh! No like belt drive! No like small front wheel (that will handle uneveness slightly worse than a larger wheel, and which does not even have oversize tyres to make up for the fact).
Hulk* hates oversize steering column that adds extra inertia to steering components, making this bicycle harder to turn than a semitruck without powersteering. Grah!
(*not really Hulk)

Colville-Andersen said...

Hulk needs to get laid and relax. :-)

Amsterdamize said...

It's cute as a design exercise, in a way you'd expect from Italians.

Now back to everyday riding. it's sold as 'practically chic' (I got that e-mail plug too ;)). 'Practically Chic'..I like. Scrolling down...

Can't help but calling this 'Chic-washing', as it lacks the main ingredients for normal urban transportation.

Fenders for those rainy days? How hard can it be to draw those up? I think it would even enhance the design.

The girl in the pic may settle with carrying around her Gucci bag on her shoulder, but most of us need more to transport groceries and what not. That practicality is lost on this design. If so, it will be an ugly after thought.

And dammit, so much leg room in front, but no way of or room for riding around my girl on the back, side saddle chicness?

Maybe they get it right in the next decade. Funny how many of these 'new' designs strip off the very things that makes cycling appealing.

2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Sure it's not a Japanese enterprise? reads like Japlish to me. What a lame ad, the model's wearing such awful dated looking and trashy clothes that clash with the bike's colour and lines. And where's the shoppy basket?

Nick said...

Um, radial drive spokes? How are those not going to snap instantly?

Another André said...

Wow, tough crowd!

Mike said...

Looks to me like a rip-off of the venerable Varna from Vancouver, Canada. Yes - tough crowd - we live in cities where you can buy Pashley and Biomega, and Abici, and Gazelle, and Sogreni, and Azor, and the like. I would take a Bakfiets.nl bike over this in a heartbeat.

Klaus Mohn said...

The bike doesn't match her style at all! And Marc has it right - how it is a "shoppy" bike if you can't carry anything? Do you have a domestique driving your purchases around behind you?

I stand by my retrogrouchiness. The design of the classic utility bike has been refined for generations. It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a flimsy green monster to shift that paradigm. If I wanted to see misguided, impractical riffs on bike design, I'd read bicycledesign.net (which I do, for the comedy value of hubless wheels), not Cycle Chic!

Gina said...

Inertia, steering, fenders-chmenders, big wheel, little wheel...WHO CARES?(!!!) IT'S GORGEOUS!

Don't take it over wet roads, or seed around corners or over a dirt bike path. Just ride it in a pretty dress on a sunny day to lunch at the corner cafe! Et voila! Problems solved.

And if I ever win the Lotto and am able to fill my garage with all my favorite bikes this baby is making it into my (massive)dream bike collection.

Anonymous said...

This is why the English speaking world dont cycle, too many people who dont ride bikes design and sell bikes.
A shopping bike without a basket or fenders. No chain case so those pretty shoes will get ruined in the end.
This looks as if the designer never went in to town on a bike to get a few things.