11 April 2010

Cycle Chic's Mexico Competition! Win a Biomega Bicycle!

GDL Biking Chic
The competition is hotting up in Cycle Chic's Mexico Cycle Chic competition on Flickr. Here's a few of the entries. The one above is from Guadalajara.

If you're in Mexico or know someone who is, let them know about the competition and send them quicksmart to the Flickr group - Mexico Cycle Chic. The good people from Danish bicycle brand Biomega have put up two of these bicycles as a prize. One for best Gentleman shot and one for best Lady shot:
Mexico Cycle Chic Prize
I'm one of the judges for the competition so get snapping!

EVERYWHERE-1 (460 de 533)


Maryl González said...

Thank you very very much for publishing one of my pictures, I love this site and I hope, someday soon, Guadalajara, México, become a cycle city just like yours.

I am working to take more pictures like this, I can't wait to have GDL Biking Chic finally online.

Thank you for inspiring me and inspire others to keep improving our life and our world.

lupita said...

Mexico tan lindo estas semanas, nada de tranza trafico en semana santa, la ciudad un enorme pasillo y una mavarilla para andar en bici disfrutandola. Tambien espero que sale MexicoCycleChic para ensenar el estilo en el area publica... algo que todavia falta bastante, con mucho coche cubriendo el cuerpo.

Muchos saludos y nice fotos que hay en el grupo.

Adrienne Johnson said...

If the lady in the last picture can show that she actually rode that bike in that dress then I think she should win.

gih said...

They are too sexy to drive a bike.

Bill, Pgh said...

Driving a bike only increases one's sexiness. Scientific fact.

Anonymous said...

My dear gih, one doesn't drive a bike. One puts a bike between one's legs and rides it. If that isn't sexy...

Unknown said...

The first one is gorgeous. Love her knee high socks!