1 April 2010

Copenhagen Cross Sections

Cross Section of Copenhageners Slice
We often do portrait-like shots here at Cycle Chic to emphasize personal style and elegance. Here's a couple of shots taken last week. Some cross section shots of Copenhageners doing what they do best - transporting themselves quickly and easily from A to B on their bicycles.

Cycling in Copenhagen
All these shots were taken in the afternoon one random weekday.
Cycling in Copenhagen2


A Good Moroccan said...

Super images....you really capture the rush hour.

hebdenjoy said...

Great pictures.

gih said...

a cycling country. they look cool as they go together.

Anonymous said...

chatting on the phone while riding is where it's at baby, knowing you probably won't kill anyone either if you're distracted

Roni Faida said...

I really wish I had a bike. We just don't ride bikes here in Charlotte, I would be scared because traffic isn't accustomed to sharing the road with bikers. Love your posts!