14 April 2010

Brno Cycle Chic

DoW Lars Gemzoe and Mikael Colville2_7.4.2010
I fly to Vienna in order to get to Brno, in Czech Republic, where I was invited to speak about marketing bicycle culture. What a beautiful city. Above is me on the Christiania bike and my collegue, Lars Gemzøe, the other speaker, in the box. We nicked the Danish ambassador's cargo bike and went for a ride.
Brno Cycle Chic Test Drive
Some guy brought one of those electric bicycles - I've heard they're calling them Lazy Bikes now - and this Brnoite/Brnoian/Brnoista went for a spin.
Brno Cycle Chic Pour hommes
Here's one of the homies we hung with. Looking dapper as you like.
Brno Cycle Chic Times Two
Here's one of our friends from Brno on the left, talking to a girl on the street.
Brno Daniel and Martin Brno Bike Ride
We went for a bike ride through the city with our hosts. Daniel and the deputy mayor, Martin at left. Lars with the camera, Henning, the Danish consul at the back and a Brnoian friend at right.


The villager: said...

A great way to be carried about !

gih said...

That woman is so fabulous in driving her bike. I like her.

Anonymous said...

your Bronian friend in the tan suit looks quite dapper! Lovely pictures & post today :)

Kiwehtin said...

1. Is that an iDannebrog on the front of the cargo bike? Cute touch!

2. On a hunch with my limited knowledge of Czech, I looked up "Brněn", which it turns out is indeed the Czech name for the inhabitants of Brno - for males at least; this ebikestress would be a Brněnka (BRRR-nyen-ka). According to Wikipedia, they developed a Latin name for the city, Bruna, which would let us call them Brunians in English.

Or, if you really want to be cheeky, you could go back to the German name of the town, Brünn, and call her a Brünnhilde...

3. Lovely paving in the courtyard.

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Anonymous said...

Someone brought their electric bike in to the office yesterday to charge the battery pack which exploded and filled the lower level with smoke, triggering the fire alarm and evacuating the building for over an hour as the fire department responded.

Luckily it was sunny and warm and no one was injured but lazy (for sure) and potentially dangerous.

Also a bit ironic as it was one of the computer technician's bike and not a laptop battery exploding

She Rides a Bike said...

Hmmm. . . I've been seeing a few electric bikes around Flagstaff lately - Giants mostly. I must admit, it does seem a little lazy but at the same time when I am pedaling up a steep hill in the wind those electric bikes look pretty practical. Still not sure about the folding bikes, though. Something about the geometry makes me nervous.

Petr said...

In Czech, an inhabitant of Brno is called "Brňan" [bRRnyan] for a male and "Brňanka" [bRRnyanka] for a female. A think a correct equivalent, also offered by google.translate service, would be a very sterile "citizen of Brno" :) Not sure about that "Brunian"!

MELI. said...

hey you with the big funny euro sunglasses - dont get any skinnier ok señor okthxbye

attn. the tequila badasse comittee ;-)