28 April 2010

Barcelona Twosomes

Barcelona Stylish Couple
Cycling is lovely in so many ways, but it seems that cycling in twosomes is the most enjoyable. Barcelonans have rediscovered this simple and cosy fact. Here's a bunch of twosome shots before we venture back to a springtime Copenhagen.
Barcelona Girlfriends

Barcelona Bicycle Joy

Barcelona Couple Barcelona Wait a Minute
Barcelona Couple Barcelona Moment

Barcelona Bicycle Traffic
And here's a whole bunch of twosomes in a bunch.


Txell said...

J'adore the girlfriends in black & white...so cool.

cartoongoddess said...

Palm trees? OK, sign me up. I want to go raid their closets.

These are GREAT!

hebdenjoy said...

It's almost as warm as Barcelona here in England !