23 April 2010

Barcelona Cycle Chic Part Two

Barcelona Texting
A quiet mobile bicycle moment in Barcelona.
Barcelona Three Layers of Cyclists
Three layers of cyclists.
Barcelona Man Barcelona Bicing
Hipster Extreme and a businessmen, both enjoying the ease of use of the bicycle in Barcelona.

Barcelona Hombre Barcelona Chatting
Checking casually for traffic on the left and enjoying the fine art of conversation on bicyles, on the left.

Barcelona Drive Thru Bank Barcelona Koos from Biketech
Here's the bicycle I borrowed to ride around Barcelona on the first day I was, there, before travelling to Lleida for a bicycle conference. Perfect for drive-thru banking. I borrowed it from the chap on the right. Koos, a Dutch guy who owns the Biketech bike shop in Gracia. Wonderful guy, cool shop.

Barcelona Gents Barcelona Lunch
Here's a couple of guys heading in different directions and a couple, with a bicycle close at hand, having lunch on a bench.


She Rides a Bike said...

Lots of folding bikes. I've been thinking of them a lot lately.

She Rides a Bike said...

Lots of folding bikes. I've been thinking of them a lot lately.

Txell said...

BCN is plenty of folding bikes, most of them are brompton. i think we've another point of view of that kind of bikes, for us are something useful and cool at the same time, so popular among the hispsters.

fasterfis said...

Do you know a little bit about those wonderful small red bikes that is at most of the pictures? ??
I'm a little bit in love with them!!

blessingsgoddess said...

I love the look of Barcelona !

tony black said...

as usual, a pleasure to look at in the morning, here in nyc

gih said...

I can drive with using phone while in fast move.

east villager said...

I had a cycle chic moment today when I experienced a flock of New Yorkers biking along with me on 6th Ave heading uptown.

Gotham still too gritty for a leisurely speed though. New York may never be like Barcelona or Copenhagen in rhythm. This city's architecture is not as graceful as in Europe, and everyone is rushing and the cabs...oh mercy! Although, I notice when the ladies are clutching purses in their arms, and the gents in suits, motorists slow down and relish a sublime moment.

Anonymous said...

Fasterfis, I think you are referring to the Bicing community bicycle program: http://bit.ly/bI9k6u

Colville-Andersen said...

fasterfis: anon has the link to the barcelona bike share programme, bicing, just above.

they're only for locals.

lagatta à montréal said...

I also notice that this post answers the request in the previous one for more attractive men on bicycles.

Though Mikael is really a bit young to be a "dirty old man". One could launch that accusation to Georges Moustaki in his recent - charming - song about "Une fille à bicyclette", though he dedicates it to Mayor Bertrand Delanoé, who would presumably be more interested in looking at un garçon à bicyclette. Oh, it is a sweet song, and not remotely lecherous.

Nice how things work out. Would be nice if familicious could head down to Barça. Lagatta thinks its nice that here is proof that I don't have to be tall and blonde to be cycleicious.

Anonymous said...

small and expensive apartments in Barcelona = folding bikes