15 March 2010


UNAM Cycle Chic Cyclist of the Day
Paulina studies architecture at UNAM in Mexico City. When I developed 'Cycle Chic', this is pretty much what I was thinking. Yep.


gih said...

A nice and quite place. A perfect location in cycling. That's good lady, go ahead.

blessingsgoddess said...

Paulina (and bike) are looking good !

l' homme au velo said...

Great for slowing the Traffic down in the City. When Paulina is Cycling by all the Cars slow down . All the Motorists are wishing they are Cyclists as well. A Beautiful Girl on a Bicycle,great Photo

Klaus Mohn said...

Really? Somehow I don't think you had nonvintage bikes with no chainguards or fenders in mind. Then again, maybe it just never ever rains in Ciudad de Mexico.

(I think Danish girls are hotter is what I mean)