21 March 2010

Cycle Chic Photo Shoot and Press Conference

Cycle Chic Rooftop Shoot
On my recent excursion to Mexico City, there was plenty of room for Cycle Chicness. One of the days was exclusively in Cycle Chic's name. We had a press conference on the rooftop terrace of my hotel, Condesa df, in collaboration with one of Mexico's biggest newspapers, Reforma . They invited a number of young readers who don't cycle daily and haven't really cycled since they were kids.

What we're seeing now is my Cycle Chic concept as a more specific marketing platform for urban cycling. The Danish bike brand Biomega was present at all the events in Mexico, together with a container full of their bikes. So Cycle Chic had a raucous flirt with them for the duration of the Mexico City stay.
Cycle Chic Rooftop Shoot 04 Cycle Chic Poster Signing
I said a few words about Cycle Chic and then Biomega presented their bikes, after which the guests all had a chance to pose with the bikes and I autographed some posters. All good fun. Reforma followed the participants and asked them questions and photographed them the whole day.

Cycle Chic Rooftop Shoot 10 Cycle Chic Rooftop Shoot 05
If we're going to mainstream urban cycling, it's necessary to deftly leapfrog the sub-cultural image that cycling suffers under in so many countries. In my lecture entitled Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling I highlight how we used to market bicycles and, indirectly, bicycle culture.

We need to go back to our roots and relearn the marketing, inspired by the massive societal and cultural boom that the bicycle launched over a century ago.

Cycle Chic Critical Mass 12
The press conference moved on to the streets of the city afterwards. The world's first Cycle Chic Critical Mass took place. But more on that later.


'Xander Labayen said...

i'd love to see a Fashion Designer stage a curbside ride by fashion show on the street,complete with cars and pedestrians in the background, showcasing the rider, fashion and bicycle in their natural environment. artificial lighting and oompa oompa music at the shows can get tiresome.

Cycle Chic critical mass.. can't wait


Matriarchivist said...

I'm in urban sustainability policy development for a municipality in Canada and would be interested in reading your speech. Do you happen to have a paper copy or video you could share?