19 March 2010

Copenhagen's Seasonal Early Warning System

Cycling in Copenhagen
Wooly stocking combinations, begone. The seasonal transitions bring all manner of clothing-related transitions with them. When the weather is getting colder in the run up to winter, there is an inevitable week or so when you keep forgetting your gloves or scarf.
His and Her
What we're seeing now on the streets of Copenhagen is a more conscious transitional shift signalling warmer weather and springtime goodness. The woolen stockings of winter are being replaced by the thinner stockings of spring. The jackets are still warm and toasty and the footwear likewise, but this subtle shift is a sure sign of spring.
There are scores of signs signalling springtime. Bare hands on handlebars, with gloves tossed happily in baskets, the first sighting of bare legs, hats pulled off at red lights and shoved into pockets, open jackets, etc.
Heel Launch
But these photos represent an early warning system heralding winter's exit stage left.
Sunshine Spring
Bring on the springtime.
Almost Spring


Lydia said...

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tony black said...

even thought the weather is starting to have the same effect in nyc, i'm jealous! thanks for the nice post.

A Good Moroccan said...

The first sighting of bare legs ! Hurrah !!!

BadBeard said...

I had my first week with only a shirt and a jacket this week in Scotland. A sure sign that spring's on the way!

Yewenyi said...

I miss having seasons, we only get two here in Sydney, a mini wet season and winter.

VilladsClaes said...

Ved disse mennesker godt, at de er blevet fotograferet?