5 March 2010

City Hall Square and Begging for Your Vote

City Hall Square
As a lot Copenhagen outside the city centre is boulevards and urban sprawl, we sometimes neglect the city's squares on this blog. There is something uniquely aesthetic about a Copenhagener speeding across the City Hall Square - or any other square - in frightfully lovely style.

Vote Begging
The artist Moby has a contest where people can produce a music video for a song he's made available. If you have the time and inclination, I'd love a vote for the music video I whipped together last week. No bicycles involved, just emotions.

The video is viewable here, on Genero.tv.

You'll have to register to vote... such is internet life.

I used some old footage from a feature film I directed years ago. Exclusively grainy, close up, Super 8 material shot by the brilliant cinematographer Manuel Claro, who I went to film school with. The video features Danish actress Laura Drasbæk.

Every vote is recieved with thanks and gratitude.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I voted for your magnificent video. I adored the grainy effect; very romantic and seemed quite perfect with Moby's great song. Wishing you all the best ~ deb

Kristoffer said...

Of the videos I watched the two best were both Danish, I voted for one of them ;)

l' homme au velo said...

I gave it a Vote,a very Good Looking Woman and a very nice Soothing Song.

Nice Bicycling Song and Music as you Cycle along with your Creative Zen Plugged into your Ear along the Coastal Cycleway.

Anonymous said...

ahh..here it is..autostart of a clip..don't like..

Anonymous said...

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