4 February 2010

Taunton Cycle Chic et al

Mrs Day's green leather sling-backs
Mrs Day's Green Leather Sling-backs.

A couple of cracking photos from the Taunton Tweed Cycle Chic website, one of newish cycle chic blogs gracing the internet.
Mr Sargeant on Raleigh Roadster
Mr Sargeant on Raleigh Roadster.

Our little Cycle Chic movement keeps on expanding. Other new sites that have registered are:
Munich Cycle Chic
Aix-en-Provence Cycle Chic
St. Andrews Cycle Chic
Bandung Cycle Chic [Indonesia]
Sheffield Cycle Chic
Tucson Bike Beautiful
Buenos Aires Cycle Chic
Torun Cycle Chic [Poland]
I Dream of Cycling - Atlanta, USA
Did I miss anybody?!

As ever, we're honoured and flattered to have you all in the cycle chic family.


Oldfool said...

You are the leader.

Another André said...

Is it the photographer or are cyclists in Copenhagen simply more chic?

sheffield cycle chic said...

Thank you for the mention - we have a heavily denim influenced style in Sheffield. Apparently it is impossible to cycle in jeans (according to some cyclists), but then "Sheffield" is also given as the excuse (ie hills)as to why you cannot have a cycling culture in Britain . It is nice to be able to disprove both myths ;-)

Step-Through said...

I'm not sure if I am particularly chic, but I am here, trying to represent Atlanta (USA). There's a little bit of fashion, a little bit of advocacy, and all points in between. Someone pulled up next to me in a car the other evening and asked if I were from Europe. I tried to explain that no, you can be American and still ride a bicycle in style.


Anonymous said...

Is there any movement in China's big cities? There has been such a trend of moving to cars as a status of upward mobility.

Any return to bicycling = chic as opposed to bicycling perceived as 'cannot afford car'?

Anonymous said...

Mexico Cycle Chic!

Nikola said...

Hello, my blog is not so much about style but lot about bike culture.

Nikola ;)