2 January 2010

Sing Song

She was singing to herself. How lovely is that?
He wasn't singing to himself, not visibly anyway, but there's room for loads of tunes insides one's head.


'Xander Labayen said...

its funny how iconic the white ipod headphones have become, you can spot them a mile away.

i wonder what they were listening to...

Giorgio said...

I don't think it is a good idea listening music while we're going by bycicle. We always have to listen all near and behind us.

Kiwehtin said...

It's interesting how when you're dependent on hearing, you might allow yourself to get distracted and not rely on your other senses. Depends a lot on how loud you keep your music, I guess, and whether you're paying more attention to the music than to your surroundings.

Deaf people certainly don't suffer from not hearing what we hear around them. They learn to compensate (whether walking, cycling or driving a vehicle) by paying attention with their eyes.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I regret to inform you that you do not own the "cycling in style" marqué:



Thank you for your blog and pix. I am a (Vietnamese-)American lycra-n-spandex rider, slowly realizing that how I ride does nothing to encourage a bike-culture in America.

Your blog brings me back to a much simpler time, when the bicycle was poetry in motion.

Anonymous said...

The bike is dead. Long live the hyperbike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRMxr00qQpc&feature=player_embedded#

Giorgio said...

Hearing music in a cycle track isn't dangerous. I agree with you on this. But what I'm trying to say is that if you listen music while you are going by bicycle the amount of attention decreases. In this perspective, I think near road traffic it would be dangerous. For example, don't you see the photo posted? behind the man who listen music, while he is riding a bicycle, there's a truck. He need to listen the truck's engine!

Anonymous said...

The truck is on the road and the guy is on a seggregated bike lane. He needs to pay attention when he gets to a cross section, but that's it. I bike everyday with music in my ears and have done so in over 10 years. I have never been in danger.
If I was biking somewhere without bikelanes it would of course be a different story.

Maleen said...

Dear Giorgo,

I don't know where you're from?
But from what I can tell from your little added photo, I'm afraid it must be some lycra 'n spandex dominated country...with I'm afraid, all the included miscomprehensions when it comes to understanding The True Joys of cycling chic....

I cycle- chic I must say- on and of seperated bikelanes, about an hour daily to and from work-always wit my headphones on.
Music actually adds an even more relaxed feel to my daily trip. Due to this I've never been in any danger whatsoever.
It's the motorised driver who tends to take full responsability for the causing danger-part I'm afraid....
What about tons of motorised drivers who find themselves busy with using heir cell phones or navigation units while they should be paying attention to the road....

While sharing the road with a cyclist it's the truck- or cardriver that should be the one paying the most attention, for he shall always be in The Safest Position...
Luckily we Dutch have proper legislation taking care of this...When a motorised vehicle is in an accident with a cyclist he has a culpability of at least 50% when victimising a pedestrian this even goes as far as a 100%.
And that's the way it should be!

As for hearing a truck passing by...I can assure you if you were overtaken by a truck whilst listening to your music it's still the truck you'll hear and not your music!
If that were the case I'm afraid you wouldn't be hearing anything anymore by the end of the week.....

So dear Giorgo, let me say to you, with all respect!,
Liberate Yourself from The Lycra
and Safe yourself from The Spandex!
Come Join The Cycle Chic!
And who knows maybe one day you'll even be singing to yourself while cycing- chic:)

Kind regards,
Marleen, Amsterdam- The Netherlands

@Mikael / Cycle Chic;
Tusind Tak for this splendid blog!
You should be read/ heard by all Departments of Transportation / Environment and so on worldwide!
That's my wish for the next decade:
Truly Global Cycle Chic!
or at least Truly Global Cycle Chic Awareness.....

Giorgio said...

Dear Maleen,

Thanks for your answer.
I think You've understood what I mean. You wrote about motorised drivers who find themselves busy with using heir cell phones or navigation. Anonymous, before your comment, wrote we need to pay attention when we gets to a cross section.
I didn't mean to hurt The Cycle Chic. Although I think that an increase of biking would give a big contribute to the environment, I know that in your country, such as Germany and Denmark, bike lanes are more developed than in Rome.
I've read that Copenaghen was the first city to close off streets and dedicate them to pedestrians. Now this town is the capital of the sustainable development.
I'll continue to visit this interesting website.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks maleen! the same laws regarding responsibility in accidents apply here in denmark.
thanks for your kind words.

and thanks giorgio!

Psyclist said...

Down the memory lane, even though I am not Danish, but as a Dutchman, I have cycled through wind and weather in winter time. Fortunately I live now in warm Malaysia (where few people cycle except me) Excellent photos:)!



village mama said...

Happy New Year!
Yes, singing to oneself while bike riding is lovely indeed. Great b&w!!