6 January 2010

Left to Right Motion in the Snow

Copenhagen Snow Cycling Left to Right 01
The bicycles roll on in the snow in Copenhagen. 80% of the cycling population continue to cycle throughout the winter, although when there is snow the number drops a bit more. Still a couple hundred thousand cyclists out there, though.
Copenhagen Snow Cycling Left to Right 02
Left to right motion at 21:30 on a Tuesday evening. In stylish tights and heels, bien sur.
Copenhagen Snow Cycling Left to Right 03
Although winter boots will suffice in this weather.


Jonathan said...

Love these images! Really graphic. With fabulous attire, of course...

spiderleggreen said...

nice shots! why should snow stop someone from riding?

YovoMaltine said...

I miss biking in the snow. I don't get to do it here in Paris. need to move back to Helsinki :)

Dottie said...

Wow, and I was excited that I saw 10 other cyclists in Chicago yesterday morning (it was not even snowing, just very cold).

Philip Kennedy said...

These photos are epic.

Can't wait to visit Copenhagen in a few weeks!