30 January 2010

Acceleration Nation

Accelerated Heartbeat
Acceleration Nation is perhaps a misleading title. Achieving great adrenaline-generating speeds is rarely the goal. You're heading off to the cinema, to work, to a café, for gods sake. But the bicycle needs to be set into motion and often standing is a lovely way to do it.
Real Man on Real Bike
Accerlating on proper, upright bicycles still allows you remain upright. You find yourself pulling on the handlebars rather than leaning forward as the bicycle is propelled forward and your centre of gravity is stable. Plus it just looks nice.


egbert büschel said...

Great blog, thanks for good pictures day by day. Have you ever seen this YouTube movie?


streetspghetti said...

your photography is so fresh. I love your blog!


Mrs. E said...

My favorite part of your blog-- the fact that you show the rest of the world what a biking city, biking country looks like. You ispire!

Janie said...

I couldn't love this more!! You are an inspiration to all car loving societies that cycling (fashionably I might add) can and should be a part of our daily lives. . .even in the cold of winter. I think it is time for me to dust off my bike, break out the winter gear and hit the road.

John in NH said...

never quite been able to do the stand and pedal, its just very jerky and never gets anywhere faster or easier then sitting down... However I have been known to lift the front end a bit off the stop, that's fun :P