22 December 2009

Shortest Day of the Year

Nighttime Snowfall
The shortest day of year.
Sunrise: 8:39
Sunset: 15:36

This presupposes that you can actually see the sun.
All I see is snowfall.

However, from today the days start getting longer.
We're on our way to summer!


weeseaweed said...

greetings from glasgow, where it wasn't much different yesterday. still, the days just get longer...

Jane said...

wasn't the winter solstice yesterday? Remember we've still got all of January and February to get through first :-(

Dan Balosanu said...

Cold here in Dublin, I actually stare at the sun, blue sky, feels like -2 celsius.

Edward said...

The photos on here just keep getting better and better.
Greetings from New York which is full of dirty snow, but cold and clear.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same today. From tomorrow the daylight gets longer :)
Greetings from southern Poland!

Kenny said...

We've made it half way around the sun since last summer! I'm always glad we've had the shortest day and sad at the passing of the longest day.

André said...

Great shot!
I wrote about that on my facebook status...wondering how´s the shortest day in northern europe.

Well seems that wasn´t very different from here (Portugal) because the first day of Winter was...a heavy and dark Winter day!

Awesome weather to be at home with our family at this beautiful time of the year! Happy Holidays everyone! ;)
Cheers from Portugal!