13 December 2009

Kids and Bicycles

Family Cycle Train
My mate Marc from Amsterdamize took this cracking shot and I just had to add it here, right away. Brilliant Cycle Chic.

And this one of Marc's reminded of this one I took in Paris on my last visit:

Paris Kids
Which made me remember La Rochelle, where I had just arrived from, and one of our summer holidays on Ile de Ré a few years back where Felix sat on the kid seat on my bike and, as a rule, slept all the way home from the beach. Six kilometres each way.
Felix on Ile de Ré

Which made me think about this year's summer holiday on the island of Bornholm:
Bornholm Daddy Felix2

And now I miss summer.

EDIT by Lars:
Seing this subject Mikael, I just have to throw in this one from today:
One plus Three
I can´t help smiling when I look at the three little girls in front just having a great time.


Anonymous said...

That is the way family life should be :-)

MamaVee said...

Love the last photo a lot. and love the top photo bike. sigh if ony I could add that to my arsenal

Kiwehtin said...

It's so nice when a bike allows the kid(s) to sit up front and see the world ahead of them. So much more cognitive stimulation than staring at Mum or Dad's bum on the saddle... (I notice in the Bornholm picture how Felix, being of a more advanced age, is able to stand up behind you to fulfil his need to see what's coming up ahead...)

Kristin Tieche said...

These shots are all so adorable. Thank you!

Christa said...

Love the first photo. New favorite bike photo.

Bicycling Monterey said...

Lovely! And I'm delighted to share with you a photo of three more precious little cyclists, ages 7, 5, and 3, who I met here in Monterey, California on March 16. Cheyenne, Jasmine, and Robin Harrison are traveling on their quint bicycle with their parents, Bill and Amarins, from their Kentucky home to Alaska. Amarins and eldest daughter, Cheyenne, were born in the Netherlands.

Check out this photo from the 16 March 2010 Monterey County Herald. http://bit.ly/aY4OrZ - or visit their family website, http://www.pedouins.org/for more. See some Monterey children cycling on http://www.BicyclingMonterey.com