15 December 2009

Contest Winners

So, as promised, right here at 09:00 Central European Time, right here on Cycle Chic, ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the Cycle Chic/Velorbis Climate Conference Gorgeousness Competition.

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who participated. It was quite brilliant to read all the entries and it was difficult to choose the winner. I decided to award 2nd and 3rd prizes, too. T-shirts or posters from the Cycle Chic online shop.

At the end of the day, I just had to go with this entry:

Congratulations to Lauren from San Francisco! The text pushed the right buttons. It was a splendid mix of eco and chic. Mentioning that 'pushing off' moment so dear to this blog certainly didn't hamper any chance of winning. I like the idea of carbon neutral heels and the recognition of the Velorbis bicycle as being functional, as well as fabulous.

Lauren, time to send me an email so we can figure out how to get the bicycle to you. copenhagenize [at] gmail [dot] com. Please put WINNER in the subject line.

Lauren's entry beat this one by a hair. The hair of a perfect moustache.

If I get that bike, I promise that I will never ride it without a perfect moustache. Never.
Torval T

Congratulations to Torval for this brilliant, simple entry. Man, I would have loved to have seen you cycle away on the red devil with a perfect moustache. I hope you'll find something you like on the online shop. Please choose a t-shirt or a poster.
You, too, are asked to contact me by mail, with your prize selection, so I can get it sent off to you.

I simply couldn't make the choice between these three entries so they all get a t-shirt or a poster from the online shop. Congratulations to Jen from Ventura, California, Pierre from Paris and Allison from Toronto! Please send me a mail at copenhagenize [at] gmail [dot] com after having a look at the t-shirts for men or t-shirts for ladies or the posters.

My chic silhouette cycling through the city, perfectly punctuated with crimson nails and ruby lips, will show the world that saving the planet is sexy.

Jen Van Sickle, Ventura, California

Studine, this is a love story. We'll meet in Copenhagen, if you'll wait. You, in your red dress, and I, will make things green.
Allison Yan, Toronto, Canada

A family estate. My wife will own it the time it takes for my daughter to become as stylish and empowered as her mother.
Pierre, Paris, France

Here's some entries that are worthy of honourable cycle chic mentions:

Goodbye car. Hello red bike. Hello, bus, hello train - meet bike. Hello rainy streets, hello passing motorist, hello sunshine and snowdrops- meet red bike.
Dan, Chicago, USA

El cycle won in a eco loci. Pedal! Go! O' glad, epic ol' ocean, I now "el cycle"!

(It's weird... but it reads both backwards and forwards!)
Leigh, Vancouver, Canada

"I will ride the deal in style! Wear red high heels, umbrella when it is raining and be in resonance with my smiley cycling face."
Catarina Fernandes, Hometown: Lisboa, Portugal

Again, thanks to everyone for entering the contest! We'll get some pictures of the magical moment when the red Studine from Velorbis becomes one with Lauren.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to everybody!

What a surprise, and a delight, to be on the third step!

I'll send you a mail soon.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


Kara said...

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks for the great contest!

Catarina said...
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Catarina said...

It was really fun! Thank you for the contest and congrats to the winners. Enjoy the rest of COP15, KlimaForum and Hopenhagen. I will leave Copenhagen bike lanes for Lisbon's high speed roads where you can combine style with a spice of speed ;p
As we say in Portuguese: "Boas pedaladas".

dvestv said...

That's an exciting prizes that you gonna have. But before doing so, be sure to be the best among the rest.

Get Info Here said...

Winners are so lucky. It's the best for you people to have it.

Anonymous said...

I have only discovered you, darn it!!

Anonymous said...

can you help me contact Jen Van Sickle? I'm in Ventura also and we're doing a Tweed Ride Feb 5 and riding our bikes on a catwalk as part of a Feb 6 fashion show. She and I obviously need to hook up!

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