27 November 2009

Swiss Style In More Ways Than One

A Swiss designer by the name of Thomas Neeser converts bicycles into design icons. He started his work as his diploma project from the Zürich University of Art and Design and now people bring their old bikes to him to have them morphed into something even more lovely, like the bicycle above featuring the Swiss model Zoe Scarlett.

We blogged about the bicycles over at Copenhagenize.com and reserved the Cycle Chic shots for you on this blog.

Read about the bicycles here or visit Thomas' website - in German - at www.fretsche.ch.


Anneke said...

I really like the 40-50s vibe, also stewardess suits are sexy :D

main point, these bikes are really cool! (I do wonder, the low frame, wouldn't that touch ground on speedbumps etc?)

Klaus Mohn said...

You know who else was a Swiss model? The girl from the Magnum ice cream displays from back in the day.

Man. That girl was HOT.

William said...

He started his work [...] and know people bring their old bikes to him.

Shouldn't that be:

He started his work [...] and now people bring their old bikes to him.

It makes more sense like this, anyway.

TL;DR -k

Anonymous said...

Nice work, the only down side when you ask me is that he is being inspired too much (almost copying) by lots of designers that are active for many many years in the custom bicycle scene (basman33, Firebikes, etc).... Nevertheless, nice bikes.