5 November 2009

More Halloween in San Francisco

SF CM 09 Friends
The Halloween Critical Mass was a festive event. Here are some friends gearing up for the ride.
SF CM 09 stripey
Here's a cool cat taking a break from the proceedings. Probably waiting for a friend or two.
SF Boys
Final adjustments before starting.
SF Red Light
Stopping for a red light like civilised cyclists everywhere.
SF CM 09 Low Rider
LowRider Hombre Cycle Chic.
SF CM 09 Nun SF CM 09 Couple
Nuns and superheroes. Together at last.


Nærmest Løkkelig said...

I love SF. Favorite city in the world. But I wouldn't want to bike on those hills :-o

Jonathan at Five and Dime Bicycles said...

Great pics! Especially the dashing gents in the 3rd picture down.

calitexican said...

low rider homie chic always reminds me of the beastie boys lyric: my chrome is shining just like an icicle/i ride around town on my lowrider bicycle, bicycle, bicycle.

love the homies!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Lyvemaskine- The hills aren't so bad. Our potholes will kill you, but the hills just give you great legs.

Colville-Andersen said...

hills schmills... totally overrated those hills in 'frisco'

Nærmest Løkkelig said...

Are you kidding me? I almost died just walking up one of them, and was terrified on the way down that I would trip and then just keep tumbling all the way down to the street below where I would be hit by a cable car and die a horrible although picturesque death :-)