13 November 2009


Copenhagener on a vintage mini-bicycle. The preferred ride of the young and fabulous this year. The garages of summer houses all across the region have been trashed in the search for grandma/grandpas old mini-bicycles from the 1950's and 1960's.

A chosen few have acquired one.


Anonymous said...

1960's and 1970's I'd say were the heydays of minibikes.


Gratistotal said...

oh my god, this is my today fur-look!

Kiwehtin said...

What brand is that? It reminds me a bit of the Finnish Helkama Jopo bikes, though clearly it isn't one of those.

fasterfis said...

mine was stolen 2 months ago. It was maybee one of my best friends.. I'm totally a cry baby now.

nice blog btw!