20 November 2009

Cycle Chic Calendar 2010

So it's that time of year again. Time for the Cycle Chic Calendar 2010. 12 months of Copenhagen right there on your wall. The chic cyclists of Copenhagen have inspired a global movement wherein cycling is being rebranded and redemocratized - in the most fashionable way. We're taking back the bike culture and the Cycle Chic Calendar will make a fine addition to any wall, fridge, office.

The calender is available for online purchase from Lulu.com. It measures 34.29 cm x 48.25 cm, comes with coil binding and is printed on Gloss White paper (100# weight).

When you click over to Lulu.com you can see a preview of the pages and zoom in and out and stuff. Let it load, sometimes it's slow.

Oh, and I called it a Limited Edition because it only helps you keep track of dates for 12 months from Janauary 2009 to Decemeber 2009. Which, considering the fact that it's been 14 billion years since the Big Bang, is a rather limited amount of time.

Treat yourself, buy it as a Christmas present for someone you fancy or just shrug and not bother and keep visiting the blog each day. Whatever works for you.

January: Copenhagen Cycle Chic Calendar 2010 December: Copenhagen Cycle Chic Calendar 2010 April: Copenhagen Cycle Chic Calendar 2010 May: Copenhagen Cycle Chic Calendar 2010

cycle chic calendar 2010


Kristin Tieche said...

Looks like you spelled calendar wrong. ;-)

Colville-Andersen said...

ah, thanks. fortunately that typo is only that last little advert and not the calendar itself.

Anonymous said...


laura sobenes said...

uh, I love this calendar...
Do you know if there is a chance that they send that to Brazil?


Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, laura.
i'm quite sure Lulu.com ship to Brazil, yes. Check their website when you order it.