8 November 2009

Cinematic Sunday

I was thinking the other day about how to capture, photographically, the afternoon light on a cloudy Nordic day in winter. That strange, labourious light that slowly suffocates the day.
The temperature here is about 4 C. With the wind chill we're pushing -10 C.
It's a Friday afternoon and the streets are filled with life, despite the best efforts of the encroaching darkness.
Winter can do nothing to stem the desire of homo sapiens to converse.


André said...

Go get your scarves and gloves!! Amazing "cold pics"!

And i like Winter so i think people look more chic now :D

And Í´m watching something amazing that i just found now...you can actually play football while you´re in a bike!

And there´s also a thing called "artistic cycle"...better! I´m watchinf the world champs of this thingys on the tv because Portugal (somehow) is hosting it! :O

Evan said...

LOVE these photos!