7 October 2009

Snack Stop in Paris

Paris Stop and Snack
Brilliant. Sums up cycling in Paris. Waiting patiently for pedestrians to cross while snacking on a sandwich.

Spent a few hours Velibbing around the city today. What a treat. Bicycle lanes all over the place and bicycles using them. Amazing to see. All just regular citizens in regular clothes. Both on the Velib bikes from the bike share system, but on their own bikes as well.


my hyggelig said...

A bike and a sandwich together in Paris. Perfection! But, where's the wine?

Kristin Tieche said...

Je suis jalouse!!!!! Bonne route, mon ami!

Francois said...

Wonderfull classic bicycle too. A neww breed of bicycle shops has sprouted in Paris were you can acquire genuine vintage dutch bicycles straight from Amsterdam!