19 October 2009

Forza Cicloeleganza!

When I coined the Italian phrase for 'cycle chic' - Cicloeleganza, this is really what I meant without even knowing it. Brilliant photos by the Italian photographer Silvia Baglioni.

The photos were taken for the monthly fanzine for the Italian football club Arezzo AC.


Bristol Traffic said...

We in Bristol Traffic are glad to see that the model is wearing gloves. They are an important and undervalued safety feature that cyclists should not neglect.

kfg said...

I don't know how important they are, particularly on an upright bike, but; if one is inclined to think of "safety gear" they are certainly the FIRST thing you should think of, instead of that other thing.

And it doesn't hurt that they can actually look good either, eleganza even.

Colville-Andersen said...

don't be silly. those are clearly gardening gloves. she's obviously on her way home from planting organic beets in her allotment garden.

'Xander Labayen said...

the classic Italian graziella folder, with an elegant italian princess... thanks for sharing