31 October 2009

A Few Random Scenes

We love sunglasses in Copenhagen. They even make dull grey days look better(?).

All Black
I have discovered that some people have a fetish for the classic driving gloves. I must admit that I do find there is something inexplicably nice about them. (I wear mine too, hehe).

Most danes will probably recognize her, but what grabbed my attention was definitely the backlit fiery hair on the calm backdrop of our National Museum.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Love the light in no. 1, the boots in no. 2, and the hair in no. 3. So who's the redhead?

Hans said...

Joan Ørting :)

Melody said...

Hey Hey here!
Did you know about this:

André said...

three beautiful pics :)

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this site.Classic! Surely not every one in Copenhagen is stylish. How about some shots of factory workers, stevedores,refuse collectors cycling to work. What do you reckon?

Colville-Andersen said...

for that we have www.copenhagenize.com.