25 October 2009


Cyclist 1588817
Cyclist 1,588,817 since June 15, 2009 on this side of the street.

Cyclist 1258866
Cyclist 1,258,866 since May 1, 2009 on this side of the street.

Cyclist 3089
Cyclist 3089 and 3090 on this side of the street today.

Read more about these bicycle counters at Copenhagenize.com.


tristan said...

I'm sad to write this, but I'm unsubscibing from your excellent blog.

Since you changed the feed from showing pictures in google Reader I just haven't been clicking on links. Call me digitally lazy if you must but the purpose of a feed reader is to cut down on mouse clicks.

I kept the feed alive in the hope you would revert, but alas no. All the best - Tristan

Colville-Andersen said...

too bad. as i've written a number of times before, i have been unable to revert to the other kind of feed.

so it's technical, not personal.

Sean said...

Mikael, Could you please let us know when someone wins the new bike? That would be exciting to hear about.

I forget the winning number, but I remember something like the XX millionth cyclist to be counted wins a new bike.