4 October 2009

Cycle Chic Wedding Days

Thanks to Raquel in Madrid for the link to these lovely wedding photos from California. Thanks to our intrepid correspondent Raquel from Gratis Total.

And to Ellen from Governors Island in New York for these lovely shots. Note the arrows on the pavement... they are side by side, making it clear that cycling with a friend is more than welcome. One of Ellen's own ideas for helping bicycle culture blossom on Governors Island. A little extra paint but a lot of positive symbolism.

Here's the bride heading over the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can read more about Governors Island - and plan your imminent visit - on the Island's blog right here. There are loads of bicycle friendly activities on the island.


Teresa @ good-grace said...

Wow! This is fabulous. (really quite inspiring!)

Miss Sarah said...

I always lament now (in retrospect) that I wasn't riding bikes when Don and I got married. I'm pretty sure the dress still fits... maybe it's time for a proper photo shoot.

Gratistotal said...

too nice!

Elodie said...

This is really cool, a fit and active wedding. one day... i'll be that healthy!!!


Slim Girl Diary

Anonymous said...

Here's a wedding where they ride away on white bicycles. Seems popular!

Anonymous said...

with link: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/laura-and-ben?&lpgStart=1&currentslide=20&currentChapter=1#ms-global-breadcrumbs